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Post  The Storyteller on Mon 15 Feb 2016, 9:59 pm

Introduction to the Journal's Sub-Forum

Alright so this is a little experiment, and exists for those who really enjoy writing or just one a place for their Maker to make casual rants and scheme to themselves. Basically every character is allowed one thread in this sub-forum that they can use a journal and/or scratchpad. It's way of archiving personal information for one's own use, as well as being a place where as your character progresses they can detail their journey and give the storyteller, divine engines, and other Makers a better idea of who the Maker is.


The only real rule here other than general respect and lack of abuse is that the Makers not go overboard posting thread, if for whatever reason you really need more than one thread in this sub-forum for your character please give a sufficient reason as to why, and keep it at three at the most if you make more than three there will be consequences.
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