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Information on the Existential Sphere Empty Information on the Existential Sphere

Post  The Storyteller on Mon 15 Feb 2016, 10:16 pm

Introduction to the Existential Sphere

The Existential Sphere to some extent the true playground of the Makers and the field of the game. Everything that isn't the Primal Nexus is within the Existential Sphere. Seeing as we're just beginning the only location within the Existential Sphere is the Howling Void a infinite nothingness. As the Makers create and expand within the Howling Void they might make new locations as they go. (For example a Maker spends an instance and actions on creating another dimension or a planet what have you, now at first they might not be developed enough to become their own location (thread), but eventually they might be and than you would go to that thread in order to use instances and actions involving or effecting that specific location.) Another way for locations to be carved from the whole of the howling void is when a Maker claims a territory. The special thing about territories although this might be better explained in the game information sub-forum and thread, is that when a Maker claims the territory it's their own and although other Makers can still create instances within that territory the effects of their actions will be restricted and their results will be far less than they would normally be in a territory not claimed by another Maker.


Makers should not create locations (threads) in this sub-forum, if a location has been created or a territory claimed the divine engines or the storyteller will create the location (thread) themselves. Other than that just follow the rules in the game information and remember this is an in-character sub-forum subject to all the rules of the game.
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