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Post  Que on Tue 16 Feb 2016, 1:14 am

Death sits in Nothingness, thinking. There are things she knows for certain, so many things, but it doesn't really matter right now, because now is the time for waiting. She smiles, chuckles softly to herself and walks dreamily. It looks as if she were wearing a black halter top and dark jeans that might've been a little too tight. Her nails, and lips were as dark as raven's feathers, and her eyeshadow as pink as strawberries. Perhaps she should make a place for them to rest, she thought, the beings that would eventually come to her. She wondered what it should look like, at the same time she already knew. A place to rest in peace, or scream in distress, or pity themselves. She would make a place, and then she would make citadel for herself, a citadel where she would lead them to whatever was next for them. She stopped mid-nonexistent-step, and pulled herself into a sitting position. Then Death closed her eyes, pretended to breathe, and waited, because now was the time for waiting.
Soon it would be time to build.
Then there would be time for Death.

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