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Post  The Storyteller on Sat 20 Feb 2016, 4:41 am

Omega, The Tyrant King's Grimoire

Creation Points: 7
Destruction Points: 7
Destiny Points: 0
Evolution Points: 8
Secret Actions: 11
Acts of Knowledge: 7
Divine Requests: 6

Volume I: The Makers

Chapter I: The Existential Sphere

Prologue: The Howling Void and The Primal Nexus

I awake into the Primal Nexus, the first thing I see is the chaos of colors that is the Primal Elements clashing against one another each struggling for it's existence, at the same time they surge back and forth in a harmonious symphony of color and energy. I instantly understand this as soon as I see it, but that is all I know for a moment. I feel like I'm on the edge of something, existing and not existing, I needed something more to be; I needed an Identity. Who was I? I was free that was the first thing that came to me, no matter what I would always be free. Why was I free? I could see it than in a moment the expanse of infinity. I was born of the Primal Element of Space and in the infinity I found freedom, I could stretch out, be as large as I wished. Still that was not enough I needed more, my mind raced forward what more was Me? I needed form, I needed a name. In the expanse I found freedom in space, but this didn't seem right to me... so I turned it around what was infinity inside? not without? I didn't want to be large, no small and compact, but with infinity of space... true freedom contained within. I thought about that for a moment, to cage infinity was that not giving up freedom in some way? No it was something more... a higher form of freedom, but I couldn't understand that 'knowing' just yet. So from infinity and space did I build my form, stretching out my arms and legs and pulling up my head from nothing. I move my body and become accustomed to it. With it comes the name and touching my forehead I know that I am Omega... and I am the Tyrant King. Someday I will create so much, so very much. Still my knowing is incomplete, so much more to know. I must contemplate myself and commune with my creators I must know more about the board before I make my move.

So I have decided that I will create a place in the Primal Nexus and reach out to my siblings and allow them to reach back, we have much to discuss and to learn from one another. I will meditate on myself and my nature, I will finish myself and I will commune with the divine engines and the storyteller, I know of them, but do not truly know them and this should be rectified.

Part I: The Body

I have not achieved full knowing not yet, but the board moves regardless and I must move with it. It's funny that Time does not yet fully exist not really, and yet it moves and progress without itself. What does that mean? Does time in some way exist already? Is it an inevitable force for which none can really escape, not the Makers, not the Divine Engines, not even the Storyteller? What does that mean, is Time something beyond the Existential Sphere as well? Is in some small way is it also an intruder within our space? Something from the Existential Light? 'So-to-speak'?

The Physical Aspect of the Howling Void has waited long enough, I can foresee it's beginning and I must play my part. What part will I play? I see that Matter will form, eventually sooner or later. It's foundations will be set and it's beginnings will unfold and effect the whole of the void. With Matter inevitably will come into play the forces of life and death, and with the death will come the realms of here after and the planes of outer. I will create the gift of sight, so that those who follow the path might see things for what they are. I will create something Mythic if a Family I can forge, I can already see and feel the Pacts that will be made coming and I will create a territory to act as a gate between realms of here and there after and realms beside. I will forge the word 'body' for Matter and it will be read by the Prophets of the Storyteller and it will be one of the Keys to the Story not yet written.

I will encourage the Making or Make myself the Forges of the Elements and sow the seeds of the gnarled black wood. I will make a land of wonder leading to the gates of the physical world. I will make a Eternal City in the Primal Nexus, a empty city to mold the bodies of my people. I will create the bodies of the Ori-Kai, I will make the physical rules of Eternity. I will continue to learn, and commune with myself and the creators and my siblings. I can only hope that all things come to pass as they should and that which I fear does not come to pass, that the intruder is not an enemy and that we have nothing to concern ourselves with.
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