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Post  The Storyteller on Fri 26 Feb 2016, 7:57 pm

Second Announcement

This isn't a very big Announcement, but uh... well I just noticed how horrible the Game Information -> Introduction to the Game Thread looked. Worry not I fixed it, I don't know what happened I know at the time my computer was having some problems so it wasn't letting me actually type in the post box, so instead I had to type up my posts in a notepad document and than copy and paste to get my posts done. I fixed my computer so it doesn't have that problem anymore, but for some reason when I copy and pasted it must have distorted what I typed...

(I also noticed the spelling errors and those are on me, but they are fixed.)

Anyway the Game Information thread should be a lot easier to read now. Hopefully that makes some of the game rules easier to understand.
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