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Post  The Storyteller on Sun 13 Mar 2016, 4:26 am

Okay so seriously it's a huge problem... we'll be fixing the monstrous private messaging system on the First. It's pretty much evil... once again I have yet to find a solution to an alternate or permanent change in how the private messages work, but at least for the sake of communicating and distributing in-character information the private thread system should work and I'm pretty sure I got how to do it down. So we'll be putting that into the works on the 1st next month. If you can just work with what we have for now, just try to keep in mind that it's stop and go and apparently if you try to do group messages ... it won't really work.

So!!! also as an experiment I've created the private forum 'The Realm of Thought' for use by the Mind to communicate with the other Makers more clearly what's going on with the Free Maker's Pantheon and the 'Grand Design'. If anyone wants an invite to the 'Realm of Thought' who isn't part of the group for whatever reason please feel free to request one from myself or the Mind a.k.a. 'Que' the other admin/moderator on the forum.

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