Nabril's Mediation: Realm of Nabril [Open]

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Nabril's Mediation: Realm of Nabril [Open] Empty Nabril's Mediation: Realm of Nabril [Open]

Post  Nabril on Fri 18 Mar 2016, 4:19 pm

Nabril's realm gained by request is a strange place. Intended for the meeting and socializing of the Makers and especially in times of crisis a place for them to gather and discuss how best to protect themselves, the primal nexus, and the rest of the Existential Sphere. The reality of the realm itself though is very strange. The entire realm is black and white it is literally a '2-D Sketch World' where everything here appears to be a animated sketch. This could be very disorienting for the Makers at first, but being nonlinear beings of a semi-fluid reality she felt they could take it.

The first thing she does appearing here is announce an emergency meeting of the Makers, summoning them all here with her call. (If the Storyteller allows it)

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