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Post  The Storyteller on Sat 19 Mar 2016, 2:59 pm

Also just to help a little and you can ask Que for advice too, think about things like how your character is moving even describing small gestures and details in movement and sways can add color to painting a word of pictures.

Think about things like scenes, if you were watching this as a show what kind of lighting would there be, what's the 'ambiance' or 'aura' of the post or your character; use this in descriptive terms to add more depth.

Be clever, make a post more than just a singular action if we were writing a book together you're doing more than just adding your character's action, you're adding a bit about your character to a book, you're continuing a narrative with a piece of your own story added to a whole other larger story made up of all the tiny bits of other character's stories making one whole magnificence.

Things like describing an outfit, your characters appearance, the hair style or body structure or pose can help add more to a post.

Add a little of inward narrative as well, give a small shallow picture of the character's inner workings, not the whole thing necessarily, just enough to whet the appetite; too much and you've revealed your hand.

Also think about who is reading your post, are you playing a character that needs to be misleading, do you want to hint at their true nature in a way that goes just over the reader's head that way it's all the more satisfying when the big reveal happens?

This requires a bit of tact, you can't be dishonest about your character's true nature necessarily, but you can be tricky with your posts describe things in a way that leaves readers guessing and not entirely sure whose side you're really on.

Keep motivations a secret, but high emotions and skin-deep thinking up front to some extent this brings readers into a state where they empathize with a character, the skin-deep thoughts and ideas of the character leave a lot to the imagination and they draw their own conclusions all the while you're leading them to something utterly horrific or absolutely fantastic depends on the character.

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