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What kind of Reward/Event should we have for the 1k?

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Post  The Storyteller on Sat 19 Mar 2016, 3:11 pm

Alright so I know I'm still being horribly slow with in-character posts, sorry again! I got distracted, but! I got distracted by serious important stuff related directly to the forum and the game in my defense. I was going over my notes and so on, and decided there are a few things we need to address.

So I think we can all agree that a positive event, reward, or something should be done to appreciate the fact that the forum reached it's 1k in posts. I actually think this is going to be another one of our regular things. With the next reward/event happening at 2.5k posts and then at 5k post, 7.5k, 10k, 12.5k, 15k, 17.5k, 2k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, and so on... basically ... if that makes sense?

So anyway we reached 1k which means something. Now it's only 1k so it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it's also our first and it's 1k so it kind of is. I'm not sure what the reward/event should be? So what do you think? Should it be a positive event? (We could use one) but... a positive event might be a little much... as we have a lot of events/plots in play right now and should probably just let them be for now. It could be the introduction of a new Primal Realm run by the Divine Engines or something, a dungeon or a event realm with some kind of reward? Although that once again means possibly more plots than we could handle right now. It could be a actual in-character reward like a primal artifact or something. It could also just be a point or divine request reward or something... so what do you think? I'd like to know and than I'll decide depending on what you guys are leaning towards.

We're coming up on my monthly sprucing! I want to get a better idea of what sort of stuff you'd want me to try to update. Also we are actually starting to sorta draw up on the end of the first chapter.

First: Obviously setting it up so we can use private threads for private in-character information and private communication if you don't mind moderators and admins being able to see what you're writing. Although I assure you that we'd only monitor threads so far as in making sure no one's breaking the rules and so on. We'd never try to actually invade your privacy and if something needs to remain private the private messages are still there and you are more than welcome to use them.

Second: The Howling Void has gotten a bit larger and more defined, I can go ahead and update the Existential Sphere Board and break the Howling Void into multiple threads. In this case I'm thinking the 'Spiritual Realms, Elemental Planes, Lands of the Dead, Magical Realms, and the Physical Realm'. Although this can wait until we transition into the next chapter as well.

Third: I'm considering updating the profile options specifically relating towards the portfolios, or the character sheets. Making it so people with more than one character will have the ability to have all those sheets on their portfolio and have more detail with their sheets. What do you think about this? Or do you think the portfolio option is kind of silly as of now how things are at the moment, etc.

Fourth: Do you guys care about themes? I mean if you'd like to see an attempt at making the aesthetic of the forum better, I can certainly try. I will admit that I'd rather wait til at least after the first chapter. Choosing to not make the forum 'pretty' in the beginning was an intentional one on my part. From my experience you're more likely to get more serious writers and perhaps a tad bit more imaginative and creative people when you make it all about the actual writing and the game more so than perhaps... oooh pretty colors! Although... I like pretty colors too, so if it's something people want I can easily provide.

Fifth: Groups I was kind of thinking that perhaps we could do more with these. I mean we're going to do a ton with them and permissions to just make private threads work. Still as I definitely intend for the game to be the sort of open thing that we might eventually someday (a long way off I'm sure) have something like a 100 players who knows? I'll need more staff of course and I want the idea of becoming a staff member being more accessible, while at the same time obviously having a really reliable vetting system so there isn't the wrong sort getting on staff and than causing trouble for everyone. I was thinking one way to do this, was to create a group for like 'assistants' maybe not really moderators, but people who are helping staff run the forum; by doing things like welcoming new comers, helping people understand rules and lore, and pointing out rule-breakers; that sort of thing.

Sixth: Apparently we have the ability to set up blogs? I don't really understand how this feature works yet, but if you guys wanted to set up blogs for creative notes; character ideas, music what have you? It's available.

Seventh: There is also a point and reputation system... honestly I don't know what to do with it and what purpose it could serve... I feel like it could do something at some point... but??? right now? Eh? If you have any thoughts though I'm open to them!

Eighth: Now I would really like since the cat is sort of out of the bag, to go ahead and try to integrate our own dice roller into the forum so that everyone can access the dice and hopefully a record of dice rolls can be kept for everyone to see on some level. (Or at least for admins and moderators to all see.) Still from what I've heard the dice roller provided by forumotion sort of sucks... so I'm going to explore my options on this. If it's something you guys really want I can try to make it happen on the first, but likely it won't work out until chapter transition.

Ninth: Does anyone care about the chatbox? If not then I might just remove it on the first, I mean why have it if no one is going to use it? I'm leaving it up to you guys though, should I move it to somewhere else? The top of the page or something? Or make it so that it pops out into another window or something? I think that might actually be an option, but I gotta double-check.

Tenth: I'm thinking about doing some re-working clarifying of the rules and I intend to put a note in the next spree of game ads that we could really use an editor for grammar and the like all over the forum. (I will openly admit that although I can tell a good story (I hope?) that my grammar is reprehensible at times. I don't mean it to be! Just after all that brain matter goes into story making and telling, there is just very little left over for sentence structure and grammar. My apologies, I really do try; but my brain is a stubborn mule on the subject.) Anyway so I would love to hear your thoughts on the following!

  1. A rule just to explain the difference between Admins, Game Masters, Moderators and so on. Admins can also be Game Masters, and so can moderators and sometimes even regular players it depends on the situation and how you are acting as a Game Master. It's likely I'll probably create a Game Masters group to keep track of whose acting as a Game Master for the Game not just a regular staff member. Game Masters are people running npcs and events, they run the setting as well and make sure that dice are being used when they need to be and so on.
  2. Alright and it has actually been brought up by interested potential players so it should be addressed. What is our game/forum's rating? We can range from adult to mature to family friendly from what I can tell. Although if we are going with Adult I'll have to do the necessary stuff to make sure the forum isn't accessible for minors and remove us from the forumotion directory. I will say that if we choose to go with mature or family friendly not too much will have to change other than adding a general warning the game has mature themes in the rules and so on. If some of us still want adult content though as it is intended for the 'game' to span more than one forum. I can always create the adult forum side of the game, put a link to it in advertisements and make it clear the adult forum is still a part of the game and the existential sphere's canon it's just all the adult stuff. It's really up to you guys though, we can always make this forum family friendly or mature and hold off on having an adult forum or adult content in the game until much later when people are actually interested in that sort of thing. (Although we have some potential players who've said they'd be more interested if we allowed adult content, there haven't been enough of them to make me consider that we need to do this.)
  3. Maybe just go over again that fun little rule about keeping ooc separate from IC. Explain that some characters are actually allowed to break the 4th wall on occasion, but only with permission and only for the specific and singular character, not all the characters the player runs including that character. Also even then there are limits like taking ooc conflict into ic is totally not okay.
  4. Might want to post a rule about not assuming you have control over other characters, trying to remember to give other characters a chance to react to your actions. Just good to have it around.
  5. A reminder to never assume your action is successful and to try making actions in posts, 'attempts at actions' not just merely 'I make this happen and it happened because I said so'. (GMs might do this sometimes, but that's because we have access to dice and things and we can check the potential failure or result of our actions during our post. Yes even we have to roll dice for ourselves and even we can fail in our attempts... we just don't need to wait for someone else to tell us when we screw up royally... i.e. Simon [Believe me he is the 'definition' of a critical fail...])

Eleventh: I actually have a sort of really really rough draft of a potentially working terms of service. Don't ask me how much legal stuff I had to look up and research to make sure this was at least on some level accurate and legal. (I hope) This is a working terms of service... written by a guy who doesn't actually know that much about legal stuff, but put in hours of work to try to figure it out.

Really Really Rough Draft of Potential Terms of Service:
This Forum's Purpose First and Foremost: "Is to provide a safe and positive environment for the young and old alike to participate in play-by-post roleplaying games, to enjoy a feeling of community and an outlet for creativity. We also have a secondary focus as a writing community to encourage each other to greater heights of writing ability and storytelling."

Play-by-Post: A play-by-post game an online text-based role-playing game in which players (also called roleplayers, or writers) interact with each other and a predefined environment via text. It is a subset of the online role-playing community which caters to both gamers and creative writers. PbP games may be based on other role-playing games, non-game fiction including books, television and movies, or original settings. This activity is closely related to both interactive fiction and collaborative writing.

Responsibility of Staff
"It is our responsibility as the Staff not to abuse our power and to remember that running this forum doesn't mean we are the overlords of all we see, but the guardians and caretakers. As Staff it's our responsibility to supply games you'll enjoy and find interesting, to continuously struggle to improve format, features, and quality of product. These are not responsibilities we take lightly, we are always thinking about how to best improve things here for the members. We as the Staff are also responsible for our own actions and we promise to not react emotionally to allow our egos to control us, or to ever for any reason allow ourselves to become bullies and trolls on this forum. We will not target members, we will not antagonize or troll, we will certainly not allow ourselves to react to antagonistic messages or trolling, we always attempt to act with the utmost level of maturity and understanding, we will always do our best to mediate with wisdom and close arguments in non-destructive way to any party involved. It is our responsibility as Staff to make this a safe haven for players both young and old to come together and work together creatively to make new and wonderful stories. WE ARE NOT DICTATORS IN ANY WAY WE ARE CARETAKERS, OR GLORIFIED GARDENERS THAT IS IT!!!!

Responsibility of Members
It is your responsibility as the Members not to abuse your position either, not to think that just because the Staff here understands it's responsibilities and position and wishes to be understanding and helpful to it's members doesn't mean that you get everything you want all the time. When you say 'jump' we won't always be saying 'how high', and if it feels that 'jump' is all we're hearing from you we'll probably start losing patience after a while, especially if you're not intending to do any 'jumping' yourself. (In this case 'jump' has become a metaphor for work.) You as the Members are responsible for participating in your community, promoting fellow members to be creative and to understand that this is meant to be a positive, friendly, and community environment. Minors 'might' be allowed to join the forum and participate in games, so understand that certain adult themes aren't welcome here. You are not allowed to be antagonistic, troll, or flame your fellow members, you really shouldn't be doing that with staff either, but we have a higher level of maturity expected of us and are less likely to react in a negative way. Your fellow members though may not have that expectation and that sort of behavior usually generates the same behavior back, then it's not just one member, but two that are going at it. (So if you really need to lash out at someone, Yes here we prefer you do that lashing out at the moderators and staff so we can help you cool down before you do something stupid. We're here to be helpful in a wise and mature role, so please if you need a punching bag with an ear they're here.)

Denial of Ownership
This Forum is technically owned by The Storyteller, but the site itself is forumotion which of course Storyteller has no ownership of at all. Still we are stating here both as Storyteller and the rest of Staff that this forum will never be treated as the legitimate property of Storyteller, the way I see it this Forum is owned by all who participate in it. I will always remember this going forward and whatever this forum may become or grow into, whatever we turn our games into. As I see it every acting member of this forum owns a share of whatever lies in the future.

That is some basic information for you, you could easily go forward and create your account, log-on and post without knowing much more.
Although to be entirely honest as it seems best as a rule of common sense, and also for legal reasons, you may wish to continue and read the rest of the thread posts.

Terms of Use

The above terms of use are subject to update and change for as long as they are up, this isn't so we can just be wily and change this on you at any given time. We'll always announce an upcoming update or change to the terms of use the best we can and discuss thoroughly with members the subject of changes and updates before the official update and change. When these terms are updated and/or changed in any way we will always send a notice to all members both through email and message and hopefully they will make themselves aware of the update and/or change to the terms. Continued use of this forum after a change and/or update to the terms indicates an understanding and acceptance of the change and/or update to terms.

Use of Forum

When posting try to keep on subject and not to post things that are inconsistent with the threads original subject matter or purpose. Especially when posting in the games, always keep out-of-character posting out of in-character threads. Abuse of fellow members is rarely tolerated, we attempt to mediate conflict the best we can and we always try to come to a peaceful and positive resolution, but if not capable of doing so there is unlikely to be allowances made for anyone who participates in flaming, trolling, baiting, or being antagonistic in any way. Those who participate in these types of behavior will be given less leniency the higher their status on the forum, and any admin who participates in such behavior will immediately and mercilessly have their status revoked.

This Forum is owned under the name of The Storyteller a.k.a. Matthew Back, yet it will be treated and considered communal property of all members and staff of the Forum. No content from this Forum may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the express permission of the Original Posters and the Forum Community.

All content published to this website remains the copyright material of the original author, as per copyright laws.

If the poster is not the original author then normal copyright law must be obeyed.

If the rules are abused it will commonly lead to a restriction of privileges on the forum, unless a peaceful and positive resolution can be accomplished. What constitutes abuse or infringement of the rules is up to the discretion of staff, but it is their responsibility to always work towards the best resolution for all parties. We will not ignore what we feel is abuse or infringement, you have our word though that we will communicate a polite warning and we hope that you will be considerate and not try to purposefully break rules for selfish reasons and will communicate to us if there is a pressing issue for you that instigated the rule abuse or infringement and we hope we might rectify that issue.

If you are in fact intentionally breaking rules just for the hell of it, continue to do so without remorse or intention of working out whatever is causing you to be so troublesome we may be forced to remove your account, if the problem persists we can remove and ban your IP and etc. We hope that it never comes down to this for anyone, but if worse comes to worse, understand that we are the caretakers of this site and will protect the community if we must, even from a malignant member.

Use of Contact Information

We would appreciate it if contact information presented on this site is not used for the purpose of sending people viruses or attempting to spam them, or bots or whatever. Nothing that would abuse the privacy of that individual or the sanctity of their contact information. Anyone who infringes upon this, are permitting us to use their contact information to make certain the authorities and the law are well aware of their hobbies.

We will not however, ever post your information publicly no matter what you do, we will never post your IP address or personal information publicly even if you're account has needed to be removed and your IP Banned we will never make this information public. Be aware that some sites allow this, and that releasing someone's IP information to the public can be incredibly dangerous, be aware what site's might allow if you break their rules. I assure you that your IP Address will never be made public on this site.

Staff does not and never will reserve the right to post to the public your personal information, like IP Addresses or ISP Details.

Staff does not however have control over your own actions. We aren't held responsible for the personal information you share of your own volition on this site, and what is done with that information once you've posted it is beyond our control. Please be intelligent when posting things like your email, and never never share something like your social security number with anyone you don't know online. You really shouldn't put that information out on the net no matter what really.

This forum is a free-web based service, we do not charge to join this forum or ask for money for anything we do on this site. If someone asks for anything along the lines, of 'pay us' then please report them immediately for they are not a legitimate member of staff or they won't be very much longer.

Always be careful when clicking on links that take you off the forum, if you leave the forum we can no longer be held responsible for what you see or what happens to you. Only the pages of the forum are under our jurisdiction, you leave the site and you are no longer bound to these terms and we can't protect you or control what you do or what you see.


All things in this forum are free-copyright which means that it's technically the property of the original poster at all times, but the forum community as a whole has some claim to everything posted on these forums. Meaning that although some stuff can be shared among the community most stuff is the property of the original poster. Things like characters can only be used by the original creator of the character without express permission from the original creator, a game is owned by the game master unless stated otherwise and anything that is already copyrighted by other sources of course is here for the sake of the community and not to redistribute elsewhere or to use in any way to make money or to be claimed by anyone other than the original authors.


We the staff will always do our best to maintain a efficient and productive forum that satisfies and pleases it's members, we however are not perfect we disclaim any responsibility to perfection, we won't accomplish it, we can't. We cannot promise you that there won't be errors and sometimes there will be problems with the site, sometimes members will fly off the handle, and sometimes an admin will forget themselves and do something stupid, we all make mistakes. We ask for forgiveness and patience when we fall short. We disclaim any responsibility for third-party sites that you might find following links, we also disclaim responsibility for the members that may decide to break rules by spamming or attempting to send viruses, although we assure you that they will be dealt with. We also disclaim any responsibility to a full-satisfaction guarantee, sometimes people will have problems with how we do things, perhaps they'll want us to be a little harder on other members or other admins, they may want to see a game that we can't provide or they'll want adult content to be available something we don't really provide (As of now, doesn't mean that won't change in the future.). I hope that what we provide is good enough for whatever RP itch you need to scratch, but that won't always be the case. We also disclaim now and forever any responsibility to a specific creed or religion or pattern of believes that belittles or promotes prejudice against any other creed, pattern of believes, or especially sexual orientation or minority group. Do not expect this sort of thing to be tolerated and we don't have to now or ever to tolerate it, or even to respect it.

Limitation of Liability

Unfortunately we're broke and we don't try to make money out of this, so please don't sue us.

We can't promise that there won't be viruses, glitches, temporary set-backs, and moments of inane stupidity, we can't guarantee that this site will be here today or tomorrow or the day after, and we certainly can't guarantee that somebody might not go crazy and decide to try to unload a bunch of viruses into the forum or try to spam us like crazy and destroy the sanctity of this forum. We can say that we will always do everything in our power at all times to keep things active and efficient, working and safe and we hope that these things don't happen, but they might.

Adult Policy

This forum is for the moment family oriented and minor friendly, for this reason our policy on things of an adult nature is limited to no sexual content. (Romance, kissing, and snuggling are okay, but when the hanky panky starts take it to fade to black, and skip it.) There are Mature themes like violence and sometimes gore, members and staff should try to keep gore somewhat non-descriptive. When a Member is a Minor they should feel free to let staff know so they can watch out for them and make sure they remain safe on the forum. There might at some point be threads and areas that have been 'stamped' as being more minor-friendly and oriented, we as staff are still working on the organization of the forum, but these areas will eventually be put in a place where it's easier to direct younger players in that direction.

We intend to have this site and eventually others running for some time, as time goes on there may be an allowance for adult games eventually, but only after we've found a way to handle the separation of adult areas in the game from common game areas and a way to restrict minor members access to the forum or forums so that it's easier to keep adult content away from minors. For now though the rule is just mum adult content, and keep it off the forum.

Considering Others

One thing this Forum will pride itself on and will always pride itself on is going to be the acceptance we have for others. Prejudice is not tolerated, bigotry is not tolerated, except for the case of in-character and purely for the sake of plot or story development, there will be no ooc behavior that even sort of smells like bigotry, people are accepted here regardless of sexual orientation or creed, and this forum will remain this way. There will be no flaming or hate-speeches for any reason, understood? ([i]Except for very specific areas that might be made available at some point on the forum specifically for the purpose of expressing personal ideas and beliefs and these areas will be properly titled and organized so those who don't agree with a specific opinion or belief don't have to deal with it. These opinions will not be allowed to be posted in other areas of the forum. They certainly shouldn't inspire people to go on hate tangents regular ooc threads or what have you.)

Twelfth: The creation of a 'game manual' this would be an OOC sub-board with an index of links to threads detailing aspects and creations within the Existential Sphere with appropriate lore, story bits, and vital details. I feel this will become a necessity especially as we grow and add more to the Existential Sphere. We'll want to keep track of it all and it will make it easier for new people coming in.

Thirteenth: Should we keep the forum in it's basic format? Or should we try what I've attempted to do with a previous forum, make it more like a website. With a Front Page or Portal that basically gives a summary of what the site is about? Like for example a basic description of the site as an RP Forum, than a little bit on the game and it's current setting. (Maybe going over a little bit of current events.) A bit on the system mechanic how we use dice and so on. Then a bit about as a place for literary roleplaying and creative writing, maybe something about the genres we sort of encompass? (Although honestly do we really fit properly into one-genre? It almost feels like we're a whole new genre of our own... I'm not even sure what it would be...?) The Portal could have an index linking to things like Terms of Service, Announcements, General Forum Rules, The Forum itself, Game Manual, The Character Creation and Forum Introduction Boards, Stuff like that.

Fourteenth: The creation of a 'Flaming Board of Flames' for people to rant, growl, and generally complain in. Also we can add a sub-board or two for random ranting about personal beliefs and stuff so people can have an outlet for that sort of thing without accidentally offending anyone else.

Fifteenth: I was thinking of maybe adding a 'Learning Center -sorta?' section to the forum as well to share roleplaying tips and creative writing advice and that sort of thing. That way older more experienced writers and roleplayers can share their wisdom with the young and less experienced among us.

Anyway.... uh... I think that basically covers everything I was thinking about. If you have any ideas that aren't mentioned feel free to add them!!!

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