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Post  The Storyteller on Sat 19 Mar 2016, 5:04 pm

Alright so you're curious about the Forum? This RP Forum's Game is intended to grow even possibly spanning several forums as the 'Existential Sphere' becomes more defined. Eventually we can even try to recreate our favorite fandoms (if you want). They'll all be part of the same 'Canon' though, this is an attempt at creating our own Semi-Original Canon Verse that in it's own way is set in stone. Our own personal Existential Sphere now don't tell me that isn't a little tempting. You start by playing God-like Beings called 'Makers' these Makers are building the foundation of that Existential Sphere that will eventually be a massive Omniverse for us to play with. So it's the chance to really be part of and design a sandbox Omniverse and create something that's yours in a collective canon... intriguing don't you think?

On top of all that this Forum is all about epic storytelling and creative writing. There are plans in place for many 'Volumes' (How we measure time in game) to come and so much exciting stuff! We aren't going anywhere any time soon, so be part of a growing creative community that's literally bringing an Existence to Life!

We have Nine members and Five of them are pretty active so far with characters, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't join! With every active member added the activity of the collective grows and the whole of the game becomes more intricate and interesting. Don't think you can join the game right now? That's fine too! Make an account and lurk for as long as it takes for you to get comfortable! We reward our lurkers when they eventually join the game based on how long they've been around lurking!

We started with (literally) nothing in the Existential Sphere, well it's been a minute since then and some stuff has happened. The Existential Sphere is now divided and more defined; with creatures like jinn and the realms spiritual and the magical realms and the physical realm; We even have a Wonderland! The Primal Nexus the Home of the Makers not to be confused with the rest of the Existential Sphere now has it's first dungeon! We even have our own supervillain now causing everyone trouble! We're fighting the Old One Ole' Nayrlathotep and of course the Child of the Ink Simon.

So this is my idea for the next Ad, hopefully it's more streamlined while still working to grab a person's attention.

Also here are a few banner images I made for use as banners for the forum if anyone is interested.

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