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Post  The Storyteller on Wed 23 Mar 2016, 2:12 am

What's going on?

Well first I got really really sick and was totally bed-ridden for a whole day... and than? Well than our bloody house burned down!!! No f-ing joke that's what happened. Myself and Que unfortunately had our place catch fire and there were explosions, real fire balls, and fireman.... seriously no fucking joke. This actually happened and we're doing the best we can right now. Probably would be easier if we weren't the only two acting staff members at the moment, but it can't be helped...

Sorry again! Things will be getting back on track and I plan to give each of you three free divine requests just for the inconvenience!!! Once again so sorry!!!

List of Characters
Primary Admin: The Storyteller - The Storyteller
Secondary Admin: The Fate Engine - Fate
Primary Character: The Free Maker - Omega, the Tyrant King

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Artias, Esmeralda Elderwicks, Noami, Orbkiller, Simon

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Realphobia - The Imagination Destination!
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